Hi, I'm Felipe!

Project manager. Software engineer. Entrepreneur. Humanitarian. Artist. Traveller.

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Before becoming a project manager, I developed over 20 products used by millions around the world.
I'm now on a mission to make teams more efficient.

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Some of the things that I have done...

Wrote a web analytics app before Google Analytics

I wrote a real-time web analytics tool while in College in 2003. I'm obsessed by data-driven decision making.

Tripit copied from my travel startup

I started a social network for travellers in 2006 and I was flattered when Tripit copied our social profile page.

Jump started the Montreal tech community

Founded the Montreal NewTech meetup in 2008 and ran it for 4 years. Created a startup calendar to foster the local tech community.

Featured on Techcrunch 3x in a month

In 2009, three startups that I was working on were featured on Techcrunch within a month.

Started a nonprofit to help Syrian families living in Turkey

In 2015 I moved to Turkey for 2 years to start a group to help families affected by the war in Syria.

Project management without managers

Untask is the first PMaaS that uses AI to save your team time and money while making them focused and more efficient.

Personal, Family & Fun Facts

Originally from Brazil. I have lived in / travelled to more than 35 countries.

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